A New Fashion Trend You Can't Live Without

By OTC Editorial Team
A New Fashion Trend You Can't Live Without

Clothing for women who enjoy themselves, express themselves, and are self-assured. Great styles, fantastic designs, and intriguing details. Clothes for women who value style without sacrificing comfort. Jet-Setting Looks in Lightweight, Wrinkle-Resistant, and Travel-Friendly Fabrics. These are the New Fashion Trend you can live in. Machine washable and wrinkle-free. This is an excellent travel fabric! Using the dryer may cause clothes to deteriorate faster over time, but not this one because the fabric has already shrunk and been heated to 400 degrees. So there's no need to be concerned about future deterioration.

1. Lovely Day Felicia Dress 

Because of the stretch knitted fabric used, this Lovely Day Felicia Dress has a smooth silky-feel finish, is very comfortable to wear, and does not wrinkle. It was made in Canada.

2. Lovely Day Vivienne Scarf

The colors and tones of this scarf are designed to complement the dresses and tops made with the same original art print. Soft Chiffon Fabric with a plain finish. It is machine washable.


3. Lovely Day YK Kimono Wrap

This Lovely Day YK Kimono Wrap is 40" long and comes in a single size. Knit Chiffon print on the front and back. On the sides, there is a slit. It is machine washable.

4. Repurcher Jamie Top

This Repurcher Jamie Top goes well with the Repurcher Jackei Legging in Scuba Knit, which is shown below. The length is 24" and the half-zip is 8".

5. Repurcher Jackie Legging In Scuba Knit

As previously stated, it works best with Repurcher Jamie Top. It's 29" long and not designed for sports; it's more of a pant made of silky scuba knit.

6. Repurcher PP Ruben Tote Bag

It's a type of tote bag that you can use for any occasion, such as going to the gym, grocery shopping, school, or simply hanging out with friends outside. It measures 18"x20" and has nylon handles, so it can hold a lot of stuff. It is machine washable.

7. Repurcher Sophia Dress

This straight fit Sophia Dress is 38" long and made of Supersoft sweater knit fabric with a Heather grey base. Because they have the same print design and are wrinkle free, they pair well with the Repurcher Vivienne Scarf.

8. Repurcher Vivienne Scarf

Another lovely scarf in colors and tones that complement the dresses and tops with the same original art print. It is 19" x 65" in size and has a plain finish. The fabric is a chiffon that is soft and machine washable.

9. Repurcher Nikki Duster Cardigan

This is a simple but classy fashion trend that you can wear to a semi-formal event or occasion. The fabric is a super soft sweater knit with a heather grey background. It measures 40" in length and has patch pockets on the front. Wrinkle-free and machine washable.

10. Whipigre Nikki Duster Cardigan

Another simple but elegant fashion trend suitable for a semi-formal event or occasion. The material is a super soft sweater knit with a heather grey backdrop. It's 40" long and has patch pockets on the front. Machine washable and wrinkle-free.

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